Good Night Messages - Cute | Romantic | Funny | Inspirational

Good Night Messages - Cute | Romantic | Funny | Inspirational

Good Night Messages 2020

Good night messages - Only the time when our body gets complete rest is during night when we go to sleep, how wonderful it would be to send someone a Good night message.

In order to help you pass a good night message we have added some categories, like cute good night message or text a romantic or even a funny good night text and also for one who want's inspiration in his/her life.

    Cute Good Night Messages 

    *A cute good night message from a cute boyfriend to a cute girlfriend in a cute way. Good night cutie..

    *I hope after taking a perfect sleep, you forget your every worry and bring strenght in you so that tomorrow you could crush your obstacle. Good Night.

    *I gaurantee you that tomorrow is going to be so much fun, just think of me and better fall asleep as soon as possible. Good night sleep tight.

    *Right now you are far away from me, it breaks my heart to know that we cannot see each other. good night because i want to close my eyes and see you. Good Night.

    *You can't even think how much i miss you, hope we meet soon and have lot of fun. Good Night baby.

    *May you suffer from sweetest dreams tonight, and morning be the happiest of all. good night sleep well.

    *Wishing a sweet good night message to you and your family. Good night.

    *Hey its almost time to sleep, hope i appear in your dreams and talk to you a lot and make you laugh till you cry. Good night have a sweet dreams.

    Cute Good Night Messages

    *No one can disturb your sleep, i will fight every nightmare so that you could sleep in peace. Good night sleep tight.

    *I think night is always better than day, because its time where our body gets time to take rest and we also see beautiful dreams. 

    *Good night, hope we both meet in our dreams. 

    *Some times dreams gives meaning to our life, Like when we achieve our dreams, hope your dreams come true. Good night.

    *Good night sleep well, i may not be with you. but know that you are always in my heart. 

    *Hug your phone tightly because this message which your are reading in hug from me. Good night.

    *Texting someone a good night message is not just putting an end to a day, it means that i remember you before i go to sleep. Hope you to remember me. Good Night message.

    *I can't sleep every night because your thoughts are not letting me, hope we meet soon. Good night sweet heart.

    *I just want you to know that you are the cutest person i have ever met, Good night sleep well.

    Cute Good Night Messages

    *Hope we both each each other in our dreams, good night.

    *Beautiful dreams, stars, the moon, flowers, and sunsets have nothing on you girl. You make the world a brighter place even when you’re going to bed.

    *May your dreams shine bright and your knight come to bid you goodnight. You are a princess and deserve to have the very best night.

    Romantic good night messages

    *As moon rises at night i always look forward to hold you i my arms and talk with you in romantic mood. Good night darling.

    *I forget about whole world when i think about the way you look at me, that's what i'm missing right now. good night.

    *You have given meaning to my life, before you came into my life i never cared about anything but now i have a lot to care about. Good Night sweet heart.

    *I always Thank to god for sending you in my life and also to you for giving meaning to my life, i can say i'm the luckiest person in this world, because i got you. Good Night my darling.  

    *Good night my love. Can't wait to see your beautiful face tomorrow morning, Good night babe.

    *In my life you are like electricity and i'm like fan, which means without you my life has no meaning. Good night. 

    *I'm having a recap of the memories which we both had made today, further waiting to create more tomorrow. Good night sleep well.

    *Good night babe and thank you for coming in my life and sticking with me.

    *Good night my other half, my soulmate. sending a truck of kisses towards you. good night sweet dreams.

    *As soon as i close my eyes i see your face, and every time i'm thinking of you. i have got some special feeling towards you. i'm totally in love with you. Good Night my love.

    *I am honestly in love with you. i promise i'll never hurt you. Love you baby good night.

    Romantic good night messages

    *All my stress disappear when i chat with you or think of you. Good Night darling.

    *You are everything to me, every necessary need Goodnight my queen.

    *I just want to be the person lying on other side of your bed, Forever. good night my soulmate.

    *No matter how much hard day i had, i never forget to text you a sweet good night message. Good night babe.

    *No matter how much work load i have, i come to home happily because i know that we both are going to talk a lot, which help me deal with work easily. good night.

    *Good night to person who have stolen my heart, but i don't want to complain. just wanna tell don't leave it. Good Night sweet heart.

    *Every morning when i wake up and get into my balcony to get fresh air from nature it just reminds me of you, but you are more beautiful than nature. Good Night darling.

    *I just want you to know that you are the last and first person that my mind thinks off. Whether its morning or its night. Good night sleep tight.

    *Your smile is the one which makes my day and night complete. Good Night.

    Inspirational Good Night Messages

    *Obstacles will never stop coming your way, but i know you are strong enough to face them. but to help you face them i recommend you to have perfect sleep ! Forget all and sleep well. Good Night.

    *Just forget everything have a smile on face and go to sleep, so that tomorrow you wake up fully replenished and handle you day perfectly. Good Night. 

    *No one can stop you for becoming successful until and unless you do, never put yourself down. Good night have a sweet dream.

    *One of the most important thing you can do is Have patience. it takes time. Hope for it, but don't put your body into it. Sleep well.

    *Don't be upset for your bad day, just hope for good. go to sleep and wake up tomorrow with full energy and start your day. Good night sweet dreams. 

    *If you dare to see dreams then you should also dare to fulfill them.follow this wake up, work hard, sleep again repeat. 

    *Always see yourself as conqueror, and win over every obstacle that comes in you way. always have a good amount of sleep because that plays important role in our lives. Good night sleep well.

    *To dedicate yourself towards your goals you need to remove every single thing that distracts you. and as far as you have life, nothing is impossible to achieve. sleep well Good night.

    *Nobody had achieved anything great without failure, so don't worry you will fail hundread's of times. but we you want to overcome from this failures just learn from your failure. Good Night Sleep Well. 

    *Night is time where you put your body to charging no matter what has happened today, because every day is new start. Forget all and sleep tight.

    *One thing which you should learn from moon is that, you can even shine in darkness. so if your are stressed and upset just relax and go to sleep. because tomorrow will a great day for you. Good Night.

    *We realize the importance or value of thing when its gone. so why to say "i'll start tomorrow". you can start know, as every day is new a beginning. Start with a good amount of sleep. good night sleep well.

    *Why to waste your time by scrolling social media at night. take the advantage of the night, you can thing deeply about your life. but i recommend you to get good amount of sleep. Good Night.

    *If your day was tough enough that you are feeling stressed and worried, don't worry god has made night which can take away all these negative things, just go bed and sleep. Good night.

    *Always be positive at end of the day, no matter how hard was your day. because tomorrow you will get a new opportunity to make it better. Good Night.

    *Never let any bad day put impact on your Goals, just think positive and stay positive, Sleep well good night.

    *Let your whole body take rest, after all your body's the one who survived though day, It's time to get into bed and sleep tight, so that tomorrow you get up with full energy and crush you obstacles. Good night.

    *Never ever bring the thought in your mind that you are alone, i'm always beside you, always text me when you had a bad day, i have bunch of silly jokes that can help you overcome Stress. till then Sleep tight.

    *Put your head on pillow and close your eyes, and wake up in dream land where your smile is so bright that even moon is not so bright.

    *Good night sweet heart, may your dreams be astonishing. you are my one true love and life's wish. Love you my soulmate. Good night.

    *I think the best way to get a good night sleep is to work hard throughout the day. If you work hard and, of course, work out.

    Funny Good Night Messages

    *A sweet good night message is something which can make our night incredible, so from today i'll be sending you funny good night texts every night. Good night my heart stealer.

    *Texting good night is not just a formality, its one of the way of saying "I miss you" and "I love you". and i always think of you. Good night.

    *Your pillow has no right's to cuddle with you but unless and untill i come it can, soon i'll replace it. Good night my rose plant.

    *I'm sleeping but my hands are on keyboard, if i text you back then think i'm talking in my sleep. Good night.

    *Just wanna remind you whether its day or its night, i cannot live without disturbing you. But for now good night.

    *Sleep tonight by remembering gods name, nothing is bigger than god, Good night.

    *An important advise i wanna give you tonight is don't waste your time in thinking silly things, better kill some mosquito with that time, so that you can sleep better. Good Night.

    *Almost every single person is going to sleep, some are watching TV, some are dreaming, But one most beautiful girl is reading my silly jokes, Sorry if jokes doesn't make you laugh. Good Night.

    *A sweet goodnight text from a funny boyfriend to a funny girlfriend, so that we can create a funny moment before our sleep, and go to sleep by entertaining each other. 

    *All the entertaining stuff has gone, all that's left is just you and me, let's close our peepers and get to sleepers.

    *I can't tell you good night because i'm talking with you in y sleep, so please accept my good night now. Good night babe love you.

    *One thing i wanna tell you is that usually i do not snore, but sometimes when i snore they loud enough to wake up anyone, hope you handle this. Good night.

    *I just wanna tell the person who is reading this message that,.. go to sleep because tomorrow is the day which will create some awesome moments to remember.

    *Goodnight all my dear friends. Hopefully I do not have another dream with actress and models because that was awkward.

    *Cuddle in tight and hang tight for me. I can hardly wait to come fold my arms over you and say romantic things to you. Goodnight.

    *Best advise i can give you if you want to get unswitch from world is remove battery from clock and switch electronic devices and enjoy. But do it on your own basis, because i will not be responsible for your any kind of loss.

    *You know you come to dream every night but with a scary face that haunts my dreams, Just joking don't take it serious, Good night ghost.

    *The good people sleep much better at night than the bad people. Of course, the bad people enjoy the waking hours much more. Good night my dear friend. Have a wonderful sleep.

    *Do not waste thinking about your past because you cannot change it, Do not waste time while planning about your future as the future is uncertain, Better kill some mosquito with that time you have now. So that you can sleep better. Good Night.

    *Recently you hurt me badly, i fell from my bed while trying to reach my phone to text you good night message. alright that's fine. Good night sleep well.

    Conclusion :-

    Above are some of the best examples and ideas on how to pass a good night message. examples are classified into for categories like cute goodnight message, inspirational, funny and also romantic.

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    Missing You Messages For Girlfriend

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    Missing You Messages For Girlfriend - so, here we are to help you pass a Missing you message in a proper way so that it means to person to whom you are sending. here we have categories in various ways like missing you messages to girlfriend, missing you messages for wife, missing you messages for boyfriend and missing you messages for husband. 
    Sometimes there's often a moment where we miss someone badly,
    this is because we have some special space for him/her in our heart. 
    So, sending a miss you message should be in a proper way, so here we are with bunch of examples and ideas for Miss you messages.

    Missing You Messages For Girlfriend

    Best Missing You Messages For Girlfriend

    Often when we are far from our love we miss them and some of us want's to realize them/her how badly we are missing them. so one of the best way or only way for some of us is texting a sweet Miss You Message for her. 

    *Anything i think or do, the memories we both had bites me hard and remind me of you. but those memories are precious to me. and right now i'm badly missing you. miss you babe

    *I don't ask for every thing in my life, but the one thing which i badly wanted is my rest of life should be with you.

    *Just like how a garden is incomplete without flowers, the same my life is incomplete without love. I miss you.

    *Due to my whole rough day i need a hug from you and cuddle with you, so that i forget everything and feel energetic. Miss you babe.

    *Today i realize how boring life is in absence of you, I Miss You. Meet you soon sweetheart. 

    *Missing you has become a deadly addiction to me. missing you is not just a obligation, its a painful desperation. Miss you darling.

    *Loving you is the most beautiful pleasure I have ever experienced, but missing you is the ugliest pain I have ever suffered. I miss you. 

    *The worst time i get into is, the time my mind think of memories we had together, and then again i can't stop my mind from thinking about the things we would do if we were together right now. Miss You Babe.

    *My Eyes are ever on the door, waiting for your return and when i will find you or when ever you will come, i will not let you go anywhere and hold you so close, missing you hardly.

    Best Missing You Messages For Girlfriend

    *I know that i'm gonna meet and see you again in few days, but how should i explain you this few days are like few decades for me, miss you terribly.

    *Come back to your property which is my heart, it is totally owned by you. come back again and replenish this miserable land that is my heart. I Miss You.

    *Missing you has aged me seriously, I need you to return and rejuvenate my life. Come back honey and make me young again. Missing you and loving you.

    *Don't be in doubt that in your absence i might be cheating with you, never ever bring this thought in your mind. i just want you to come to me as fast as possible, because i'm missing you badly right now. I love you and i miss you.

    *Never bring the thought that i don't remember you, because now i'm missing you conspicuously.

    *Don't be sick at heart if you miss me and our joyful moments, just be ready because soon i'm gonna meet you and make more memorable moments.

    *Just look inside your heart and you'll find me there saying, don't be sad, you know how much i missed you too, Miss you sweet heart.

    *So take a look through our compilation of best miss you messages which will make you satisfied and we hope also fulfill your search. You complete every missing part of me. Missing my girlfriend love messages.

    *may be you are far away from me, but when i miss you i just close my eyes and automatic feel comes out as if you are sitting beside me. Missing you.

    *don't know why it feels like when you are close to me time passes so quickly, but when you are not i here every ticking second of clock, maybe its due to our love. Missing you so much.

    *Right now i'm missing you so much that i cannot explain it in words, in short i just need a hug right now. Miss you

    *When ever i try to stop missing you, most terrible thing which happen is i miss you more and more. Miss You Babe

    *I don't live when we are apart, i survive. I miss you

    *In every point of my mind your memories lie, so how could i just forget you. Miss you so much.

    *I really can't survive this world without you. Miss You and meet mee soon darling.

    *Loving you is the most beautiful pleasure I have ever experienced… but missing you is the ugliest pain I have ever suffered. I miss you too much.

    *You know what the ugliest thing in our love is, Its Missing you i miss you so much please meet me soon babe


    In this post we have basically shared some examples and ideas for how pass a sweet heart touching missing you message, with bunch of examples. we send miss you message to someone who is far away or at some distance from us, where we cannot meet, but can pass a missing you message's. 
    so, this is end of this post,  hope you got for what you were here

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    Sweet Good Morning Message For Her

    Sweet Good Morning Message For Her

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    Sweet Good Morning Message For Her - Best way to help her to start her day is by texting her a Sweet Good Morning Message. so here we are to help you pass a Sweet Good Morning Message For Her. so that you need not need to think that much for texting a simple "sweet good morning message to my lovemessage, given below are the examples and some brilliant ideas on how to text a good morning message to her.

    Sweet Good Morning Message For Her

      Sweet Good Morning Message For her 2020

      *If there is anything in your mind that keeps you upset, please be free to share with me your problem is mine problem, and don't thing too much about it and have a fresh start.

      *Wake up my love, i want you to wake up early as i do and take care of your body by practicing yoga or exercises. so that it can make your day much more easier and let you feel like boosted for whole day. Good Morning My Love

      *We all have some kind of worries and we don't want to share them with anybody, i just want you to forget all that and have a fresh start with this beautiful morning.

      *I just want to tell you that don't feel like i'm not close to you, may be our bodies are not close to each other but our hearts are exchanged with each others. Good morning and have a good day.

      *It's said that in this modern world it's hard to find a true lover, but i thing i'm lucky enough because i found it. Good Morning and have a fresh new start.

      Sweet Good Morning Message For her 2020

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      *You can't even imagine how energetic and thankful i feel after starting the day by texting a good morning message to you, Good Morning

      *Hope your night went good, mine was awesome because i dream't about you whole night, Good morning and best of luck for day. 

      *As soon as i woke up and went to look at nature it reminds me about you, because you are as beautiful as nature. Good Morning My Love.

      *Even nature's beauty is not comparable with you, Good Morning my love. 

      *Good morning sweet heart, Wishing each other makes our day so good, Wishing you a sweet Good morning for fresh and energentic start of the day, may our friendship turns into relationship.

      *Every Morning is a fresh start in our life. so why not start it with a beautiful Good Morning Message. Good Morning my love

      *I want you to know that your Good morning wishes inspires me so much that i forget all the stress and feel fresh and relaxed. so i thought why not you should feel fresh and have a good start of the day. Good Morning sweetheart.

      *In this crazy life of up's and down's, i can promise you one thing which will never go down is my love for you. Good Morning Babe.

      *Every morning the thing which is enough for me to make my day better is that i got a true lover in my life which i will never let it go. Good morning darling.

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      *The thing i just gonna tell you is that from day one of our relationship, i never pressed snooze button of alarm, that's because when it ring for first time, the first thing that comes in my mind is your thought which never let me fall back asleep. Good Morning.

      *I want to be like sun for you to give you warmth, and you should be like air to me which give's me life. Let's both wake up and have a fresh start today.

      *I feel blessed, because i got you in my life, i'm not wealthy but i feel being wealthy because of you. Good Morning.

      *Have you woke up, the just wanna tell you that i'm going crazy day by day for you. Good Morning my sweetheart. Have a good day.

      *Good Morning beautiful, last night i held my pillow so tightly by giving it endless hugs, Because i miss you so much, i want you to be with me.

      sweet good morning message to my love

      *As everyday sun lightens our day, that's the same way you lighten my life by coming into. Good Morning. 

      *I'm so blessed that i got you in my life who cares so much of me by texting good wishes every time, so today i thought why not i should text to let you feel special. Good Morning Babe, have a good day and good life further.

      *Good Morning Honey. what's your wish share with me i'll also pray for it, because i got what i wish that's you. have a good day

      sweet good morning message to my love

      *Every single time i spent with you feels so great that i almost feel like all this is a dream. but i'm happy that we have done it in real and not just in dream. so wake up and get ready for making more such great moments. Good Morning.

      *Since we have met each other my life is getting better day by day, now i'm only waiting for the day to come when you will not text me good morning message but tell you face to face. till then Good morning.

      Conclusion :-

      so, in this post we have given some examples and some ideas on how to pass a sweet good morning message for her. i hope after reading this post you have no doubts on how to text a sweet message, if you like this post comment and share your thoughts with us. 

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      Congratulations For Baby Boy | Wishes

      Congratulations For Baby Boy | Wishes 

      uploaded on 16-03-2020

      Congratulations For Baby Boy- so here we are to help you how to pass a sweet message for new born baby, we present a list of messages to text to parent's who are blessed with baby boy. so, that you can text new baby boy wishes. 
      It doesn't look good if you are simply going to text Congratulation On Your Baby Boy or Congrats On Baby Boy. 
      a message or wishes should be something like combination of Blessings, Love, Respect as if you are more excited than baby's parent's. it simply results in good relationship's.
      I think after reading this article with bunch of example's you should have no doubts on how to text Congratulation Message for Baby Boy. 

      Congratulations For Baby Boy | Wishes

      Congratulations For Baby Boy Messages 

      In this modern world relationship are becoming to a smaller extent. like there are no happy moments like what our Grand mother and grand father use to have. so, my opinion is to enjoy as much as you can in such a moments.

      *Congrats on your baby boy, and you also got a chance to teach someone how to walk and talk.

      *Faithful congratulations from me and my family on your new born baby boy. Just got the news and eagerly waiting to hold him in my arms. Feel free to ask, if you need anything from me.

      *Congratulations for new born baby, You deserve all the happiness in the world.

      *My sincere congratulations to you and lots of love. welcome to the world cutie. and also to your parent's for new family member.

      *A charming angel has been sent from above to fill your life with more joy and happiness.

      *You will be irritated hundreds of times, but you will also be overwhelming happy because you have got a sweet gift from heaven. congratulation on your baby boy.

      *May you experience extreme moments of joy and peace. Congratulation on new baby boy.

      *The Touch of those little feet, the talcum smell and the cry of the baby are all that brings joy. Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy.

      *Congratulations! May your newest arrival also bring with it much joy and happiness for you both as new parents. We’re thinking of you during this exciting time. All the best and with lots of love.

      congratulations a baby boy

      *We’re really excited to hear that your newest family member has arrived safe and sound, May you be blessed with lots of loving memories during this special time as new parents. Wishing you all the very best.

      *Thank's to god for giving an irresistibly adorable boy to this world. congratulations, Lots of love.

      *I am glad to hear that God has blessed you with a handsome baby boy. I wish him all the best on earth. Congratulations.

      *my whole family is overjoyed after hearing the news. congratulations on new baby boy.

      *since i got the news, i am getting excited at every moment to hold him in my hands, congratulations on your baby boy.

      *Congratulations for new addition to your family. May god bless him with a life that is free of pain and sorrow. Can't wait to hold him in my arms.

      *Congratulations on the safe arrival of your newest family member, may his life be filled with lots of joy and happiness and also you all make wonderful memories. again congratulations on baby boy.

      *This is such a amazing news. We’re all really excited that your new baby arrived happy and healthy.

      *Welcome into the zone of sleepless nights and constant changing of diapers. Congratulations.

      Congratulations For Baby Boy | Wishes

      *Congratulation on arrival of baby boy, eagerly waiting to see and hold him, my blessings are always with him and his parent's.

      *I hope this is wonderful time filled with lots of joy and happiness, congratulations, and also you got a role to play as of proud parents.

      *Congratulations on becoming parents; he is indeed a cute and healthy boy.

      *Be ready for those sleepless nights, where you gonna wake up and change diapers and the endless joy of parenting. congratulation on the arrival of your baby

      *Today you got a very special memory in your life, as today you became a mom for the adorable little boy, Congratulations and stay blessed.

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      *Sending you a truck fully load of wishes and endless love for new baby boy, Congratulations to his mom and dad.

      *No doubt why he is so cute, because he got a handsome father and a beautiful mother. congratulation for new baby boy.

      *Hallelujah!! I am so happy for you guys and cannot wait to see the little one. Congratulations.

      *Even though we are not around to share your joy, we want to send our blessings to the newest addition of the family.

      congratulations with newborn baby boy

      *Just heard the awesome news, congrats! I am sure you both will be a great parents.

      *Sending loads of wishes for the new parents. Your baby boy is really lucky to have become a part of such an amazing family.

      *Baby boy has arrived! Can’t wait to see her grow up and take over the house. congratulations for baby boy.

      *Congrats on becoming parents for the first time. You will feel overwhelmed but don't worry, It is common. but it will also be a worthwhile experience.

      *The most amazing part of becoming a parent is being blessed to see a little of yourself in your baby boy every day.

      *Congrats to both of you, for becoming mom and dad now be ready for life full of happiness.

      *I remember how much you waited for this moment, and finally its here. My blessings are with you and your family. Enjoy this Precious moment and again congrats for your baby boy.

      *On the birth of your baby boy, me and my family congrats baby's parent's for becoming a proud Mom and Dad.

      *Congratulation on the arrival of new baby boy, we hope you enjoy this precious time and make lots of wonderful memories. can't wait to see him and hold in my arms.

      *I am so glad to hear about the arrival of your new born baby boy. don't forget to capture precious moments because they grow up so quickly. Congrats on your baby boy

      *Congratulations, We hope the birth of your beautiful new baby will be the beginning of an incredibly wonderful journey for you and your family.

      *Wishing you many congratulations on the birth of your beautiful new baby boy.

      *On birth of new born baby boy, me and my family congrats you, stay blessed.

      *The biggest congratulations on your new arrival, I cannot wait to have a cuddle.

      *Congratulations, You guys are going to be the most awesome parents, What a lucky little boy.

      Congratulations For Baby Boy | Wishes


      So, above are the example's and some ideas which will help you to pass a sweet congratulation message to lucky parent's of little baby boy. wishing them sweetly on this type of occasion makes your relationship bond more strong. and create's importance for your relationship.

      so, here is the end of this post. hope you like it, whatever is your thought's share in comment section.

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      Good Night Love Messages | Good Night Message To My Love

      Good Night Love Messages | Good Night Message To My Love

      last updated 20-05-2020

      Good night love message - Not getting how to text Good night message to my love. don't worry here we are providing you some of the best Good night love messages for her, and also Good night wishes. so that you can get the perfect idea for how to send Good night messages with love. and also how to text Sweet good night messages and Good night greetings.

      Good Night Love Messages for 2020

      First of all the billion dollar thing i'm going to tell you is that you need not need to search for this on internet, Why?because you can find yourself, again How?

      see, except  of you knowing each other perfectly, no one know's and no one cares, let's make it more clear the point of view is that any third person doesn't know what you both are doing, so how i could or any other person suggest you what to text. the thing is that you want ideas how to text don't worry keep calm.
      (you can scroll down for ideas)

      Coming to the point, i can give you ideas from my experience how to come out of this situation, not only you many people suffer this shortage of ideas of what to text.

      Good Night Love Messages for 2020

      Don't worry here i'm to help you with some examples (200+)

      Good night message to my love

      * You could not imagine how much i enjoy in your presence.

      * I think this is the golden period of my life cycle, with you.    good night love you.

      * I think i have found heaven, and that is your heart, hope      you will let me go in. goodnight my dream girl. 

      * Sleep well my love because, tomorrow is going to be a fresh start and new beginning.

      * Pray god, so that our relationship should last till death.

      * I cannot wait to be home and see you again. It is so hard to be away from you. I miss you so much.

      Good night message to my love

      * May the sweetest of dreams always be with you,             Goodnight

      * Good Night and sweet dreams to my beautiful goddess who i love so much. 

      * I wish you a good night every night because i realize every night how much i love you.

      * The only thing for which i'm waiting is to wake up next to you. till then good night my dream.

      Good night greetings

      * Remember how much  l love you Good Night, darling. Sleep well and may all your dreams be beautiful.

      * I am so lucky to have you in my life, Good Night my love.

      * You are the most beautiful woman in the world, and I am so lucky to have you in my life. Good Night, my love, and pleasant dreams.

      * I tried sleeping but I couldn’t bring myself to close my eyes without telling you how much you mean to me and how much I love you. Good night.

      * Good night, sweetheart. I terribly miss your presence and warmth tonight. May tomorrow bring us closer to each other.  Sleep tight, and have sweet dreams.

      * Good night, my love. I will think about you and miss you all night long.

      * As I climb into bed, all I can think about right now are your sweet kisses and smiles. I miss you so much, honey. Good night.

      * Hey babe, do you know how much I miss you? I miss you like a parched land misses the rain. Have a blissful night.

      * You are an angel to me, and I am thankful for who you are.  I wish you the sweetest of dreams.

      * Thank you for being in my life and for staying with me, Good Night sweat heart.

      Good night greetings

      Good night love messages for her

      * Good Night. Because i can't wait to see you in my dreams.

      * I'm so glad that we have such a strong bond, where our silence talks itself. Good Night Sweet Dreams.

      * I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow, Good Night.

      * The night is the best time to refresh yourself, and you must remember that you have had a good day. Everything you did today was great, and you are even better. You are the light of my life, and I love you so very much.

      * My love, I know that today was a hard day for you. You are so strong, and I cannot imagine being as strong as you are. You are all the things that are right and good in the world, and I want you to remember that as you sleep. I love you.

      * I just wanted to let you know that I have been thinking about you all day. Have a wonderful night and pleasant dreams. I love you

      Good night love messages for her

       Good night wishes

      * I cannot wait to be home and see you again. Good Night

      * Sleep well and may all your dreams be beautiful. Good Night, darling.

      * I had such a wonderful time with you tonight. You looked so beautiful, and I enjoyed our conversation over dinner. Sleep well and have wonderful dreams.

      * You are the most beautiful woman in the world, and I am so lucky to have you in my life. Good Night, my love, and pleasant dreams.

      * I enjoyed our date tonight and I look forward to seeing you again soon. Wishing you a pleasant and restful sleep. Lovely dreams, my dear

      * There are very few people I feel comfortable being around. You are one of them. We have so much in common. Thank you for everything and have a splendid night ahead.

       Good night wishes

      Good night messages with love

      *How lucky the moon is, because its gonna be with you for the rest of the night, have a wonderful night.

      *I wish I could fly to be in your arms tonight. Good Night sweet heart.

      *the thing that will make me alright is, being in your arms, but now it's not possible. Good night, Meet you soon.

      *If there is anything greater than love, that is what I feel for you. Goodnight.

      *as the darkness of the night covers my mind and body like a blanket, your memory is like the moon that shines above me, keeping me company through the night. Have a goodnight my love.

      Good night messages with love

       Sweet good night messages

      *I have sent your way the most comforting pillow comprised of my warm wishes and a huge blanket made up of my care for you so that my love you may have the most comforting sleep in the whole wide world. Goodnight sweetheart!
      *Sleep well because my love is the wings to cover you and my hug and kiss are the warmth to give you pleasure. Good night darling.

      *I am always instantly transported to paradise every time you give me a good night kiss because it tells me how much you love and care for me. Good night, my dear.

      How to start a conversation over text?

      Many times when relation is in its initial stages, it maybe you have just proposed or you are going to propose, there's no problem when other person is friendly with you, or you are friend's from long time,for them that's not the issue(how to start a conversation).

      Just start texting by Hi and a relevant question. Now again the question is What type of relevant question?
      the most common way which i use to do is that memorize your memories, think of the most joyful moments that happened between you and your partner. that could the time you both hangout and start with it.

      But, What if you don't have any memory ?

      if you still do not get any ideas you start with texting a shayari and in His/Her reply, you can easily start your conversation. 

      Now again, from where to get that Shayari ?

      Don't worry i have created several posts on various situation. you can read and share this beautiful Shayari Text Messages  and we have also written a wonderful post on Good Night Flirty Messages you can go through it.

      from above explanation and links and examples all that i hope you should have get out of this problem of not getting what to text.

      But, Again if your are not getting describe your problem in comment section we will help you come out of this.

      Conclusion :-

      The best way to text a sweat good night message is to memorize your memories and shorten them and add a good night text (obviously its going to be add). 

      there are various types of situation, sometimes you feel thank full to god for your relationship and sometime just an external love comes out where you become sweet and wanted to talk or text sweet messages, if you have directly jumped to conclusion you can have a look on above examples.

      So, here's the end of this post, please let us know how you like this wonderful ideas and examples in comment section.

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      LOVE SMS IN HINDI 2020 | LOVE SHAYARI | लव मैसेज

      LOVE SMS IN HINDI 2020 | LOVE SHAYARI | लव मैसेज

      Last Updated 30/03/2020

      Most heart touching Love Sms In Hindi for mid 2020, Share this with your most loving and caring one's. 

      love sms in hindi

      love sms in hindi

      *Pyaar Barish ka Naam Nahi ki Barse or Thaam Jaye,
      Pyaar Suraj Nahi ki Chamke or Doob Jaye,
      Pyaar To Saanse He Jo Chale To Zindagi
      Or Ruke To Mout Ban Jaye

      प्यार बारिश का नाम नहीं की बरसे और थम जाये 
      प्यार सूरज नहीं की चमके और डूब जाये 
      प्यार तो साँसे हे जो चले तो ज़िन्दगी 

      और रुके तो मौत बन जाये 

      *Kash koyi mile is tarah ke fir judaa na ho

      vo samjhe mere mizaj ko or kabhi khafa na ho

      Apne ehsaas se baant le saari tanhayi meri

      Itna pyar de jo pahle kabhi kisi ne na diya ho

      काश कोई मिले इस तरह के फिर जुदा ना हो 

      वो समझे मेरे मिज़ाज  को और कभी खफा ना हो 

      अपने एहसास से बांट ले सारी तनहाई मेरी 

      इतना प्यार दे जो पेहले कभी किसी ने ना दिया हो 

      *Tere ishq ka kitna haseen ehsaas hain,
      Lagta hai jaise tu har pal mere paas hai,
      Mohabbat teri deewangi ban chuki h meri
      Ab zindagi ki aarzoo sirf tumhare sath hai

      तेरे इश्क़ का कितना हसीन एहसास हैं,
      लगता है जैसे तू हर पल मेरे पास है 
      मोहब्बत तेरी दीवानगी बन चुकी ह मेरी 
      अब ज़िन्दगी की आरज़ू सिर्फ तुम्हारे साथ है 

      *Main aadat hu uski, woh zarurat hain meri,
      Main farmayish hu uski, woh ibadat hai meri
      Itni aasani se kaise nikal du use apne dil se,
      Main khwab hu uska woh hakikat hain meri

      मैं आदत हु उसकी, वोह ज़रूरत हैं मेरी 
      मैं फरमाइश हु उसकी वोह इबादत है मेरी 
      इतनी आसानी से कैसे निकल दु उसे अपने देल से 
      मैं ख्वाब हु उसका वोह हकीकत हैं मेरी 

      *Tere shehar mein aake badnam se ho gaye,
      Teri chahat me apni muskan hi kho gaye,
      Jo dube teri mohabbat me to aise dube,
      Ke jaise teri aashiqui ke gulam hi ho gaye.

      तेरे शहेर में आके बदनाम से हो गए 
      तेरी चाहत में अपनी मुस्कान ही खो गए 
      जो दुबे तेरी मोहबत में तो ऐसे डूबे 
      के जैसे तेरी आशिक़ के गुलाम ही हो गए 

      *Zubaan khamosh ankhon me nami hogi
      Yahi bas meri ek dastan-e-zindagi hogi
      Bharne ko toh har zakham bhar jayega
      Kese bharegi wo jagah jaha teri kami hogi

      ज़ुबां खामोश आँखों में नमी होगी 
      यही बस मेरी एक दास्ताँ-ए-ज़िन्दगी होगी 
      भरने को तोह हर ज़ख़्म भर जायेगा 
      कैसे भरेगी वो जगह जहा तेरी कमी होगी 

      *Dukh me khushi ki wajah banti h mohabbat,
      Dard me yaado ki wajah banti h mohabbat
      Jab kuch b acha nai lagta hume duniya me
      Tab humare jine ki wajah banti h Mohabbat

      दुख में ख़ुशी की वजह बनती हे मोहबत 
      दर्द में यादो की वजह बनती हे मोहब्बत 
      जब कुछ बी अच्छा नहीं लगता हमे दुनिया में 
      तब हमारे जीने की वजह बनती है मोहब्बत 

      *Humare ishq mein jo aaj mahfuj hain itna,
      Khuda jane wo ab bhi kyu khamosh hai itna
      Agar dil de diya hai to behjhijak izhaar karen 
      Hum dekh le ki is dariya me sailaab h kitna
      love sms in hindi
      हमारे इश्क़ में जो आज महफूज है इतना 
      खुदा जाने वो अब भी क्यों खामोश है इतना 
      अगर दिल दे दिया है तो बेझिजक इज़हार करें 
      हम देख ले की इस दरिया में सैलाब है कितना 

      *mohabbat kya hai chalo do lafzo mein bayaan karte hain
      mohabbat kya hai chalo do lafzo mein bayaan karte hai 
      tera majboor karna or mera majboor hojana

      मोहब्बत क्या है चलो दो लफ्ज़ो में बयां करते हैं,
      तेरा मजबूर करना और मेरा मजबूर हो जाना

      *aakhon ke samandar ko mein aakhon se paar karoon
      baaho me leke tujhe ji bhar ke pyaar karoon
      bheege tere hoot se me nazre chaar karo 
      hootho se chulu tere hooto ka shingaar karoo

      आखों के समंदर को मैं आंखों से पार करूं 
      बाहों में लेके तुझे जी भर के प्यार करूं 
      भीगे तेरे होंठ से मै नजरे चार करूं 
      होठों से छूलू तेरे होठों का सिंगार करूं

      *choti si list hai khwaaisho ki 
      usme pehli bhi tum 
      or aakhri bhi tum

      छोटी सी लिस्ट है मेरी ख्वाहिशों की
      उसमें पहेली भी तुम,
      और आखरी भी तुम।

      *Jis waqt khuda ne tumhe banaya hoga,
      Ek suroor sa uske dil pe chaya hoga,
      Pehle socha hoga tujhe jannat mein rakh lun
      Phir usse mera khayal aaya hoga.

      जिस वक़्त खुदा ने तुम्हे बनाया होगा 
      एक सुरूर सा उसके दिल पे छाया होगा 
      पहले सोचा होगा तुझे जन्नत में रख लू 
      फिर उससे मेरा ख्याल आया होगा 

      love sms in hindi
      *Aapki Yaad Sataye To Dil Kya Kare
      Yaad Dil Se Na Jaye To Dil Kya Kare
      Socha Tha Sapno Mein Mulaqat Hogi
      Magar Neend Hi Na Aaye,To Hum Kya Kare

      आपकी याद सताए  तो दिल क्या करे 
      याद दिल से न जाए तो दिल क्या करे 
      सोचा था सपनो में मुलाक़ात होगी 
      मगर नींद ही ना आये, तो हम क्या करे 

      *meri har khushi har baat teri hai
      saanso mein chupi ye hayaat teri hai
      do pal bhi nahi reh sakte tere bina
      dhadkano ki dhadakati har awwaz teri he

      मेरी हर खुशी हर बात तेरी है
      साँसो में छुपी ये हयात तेरी है
      दो पल भी नहीं रह सकते तेरे बिना
      धड़कनो की धड़कती हर आवाज तेरी है

      *sun pagli meri yahi khwaaish hai
      har pal hum saath ho
      mere haatho mein tera haath ho 
      jahan bhi dekhe ek saath dekhe
      tum meri nazar se dekho or mein tumhari nazar mein

      सुन पगली मेरी यही ख़्वाहिश है,
      हर पल हम साथ हो,
      मेरे हाथो में तेरा हाथ हो,
      जहाँ भी देखें एक साथ देखें,
      तुम मेरी नज़र से देखो और मैं तुम्हारी नज़र से.

      love sms in hindi
      *Himmat nahi mujh mein ki 
      tujhe duniya se cheen loon,
      lekin mere dil se tujhe koi
      nikale itna haq to maine
      apne aap ko bhi nahi diya

      हिम्मत नहीं मुझमे की 
      तुझे दुनिया  छीन लू 
      लेकिन मेरे दिल से तुझे कोई 
      निकाले इतना हक़ तो मैंने 
      अपने आप को भी नहीं दिया 

      *Aaj b unki aankho me khwab wahi tha
      Mukhda hasi aur mukhde ka rang wahi tha
      Kaisa keh du unko bewafa main yaro
      Unka to dekne ka andaaz aaj b wahi tha

      आज भी उनकी आँखों में ख्वाब वही था 
      मुखड़ा हसी और मुखड़े का रंग वही था 
      कैसे केह दू उनको बेवफा मैं यारो 
      उनका तो देखने का अंदाज़ आज भी वही था 

      *mere chehre ki subah zulfoon ki
      shaam, mera sabh kuch ab se tere naam

      मेरे चेहरे की सुभा ज़ूल्फों की
      शाम, मेरा सब कुछ अब से तेरे नाम

      *ijaazat Ho To Chunn Lein Hum Bhi,
      Do-ek Phool Hi Gulabi,
      Duaa Humne Bhi Maangi Thi,
      Ki Gulshan Mein Bahaar Aaye.

      इजाज़त हो तो चुंन लें हम भी
      दो-एक फूल ही गुलाबी
      दुआ हमने भी मांगी थी,
      की गुलशन में बहार आये

      love message in hindi

      love message in hindi

      *Nashili Aankho se Aap Jab Hamein Dekhte Hai
      Hum Ghabra Kar Aankhen Jhuka Lete Hai
      Kaun Milaaye in Aankho se Aankhein,
      Suna Hai Aap Aankho se Apna Bana Lete Hai

      नशीली आँखों से आप जब हमें देखते है
      हम घबरा कर आँखें झुका लेते है
      कौन मिलाये इन आंखों से आँखें
      सुन है आप आँखों से अपना बना लेते है

      *Na Koi Raah Asaan Chahiye,
      Na Hi Hume Koi Pehchan Chahiye,
      Mera SmS Karne Ka Sirf Ek Maksad Hai,
      Ki Aapke Pyare Se Chehre Par Har Pal Ek Muskan Chahiye

      ना कोई राह आसान चाइये
      ना ही हमे कोई पहचान चाहिये
      मेरा sms करने का सिर्फ एक मकसद है
      की आपके प्यारे से चेहरे पर हर पल एक मुस्कान चाहिए

      *Kaise kahun ke apna bana lo mujhe
      Nigahon mein apni samaa lo mujhe,
      Aaj himmat kar ke kehta hoon ki mein
      Tumhara hu ab tum hi sambhalo mujhe

      कैसे कहूं के अपना लो मुझे
      निगाहों में अपनी समां लो मुझे,
      आज हिम्मत कर के केहता हूँ की मैं
      तुम्हारा हूँ अब तुम ही सम्भालो मुझे

      *Kisi sath mein wo sath nhi
      Jo sath mein tere sath paya hai
      Yakeen hai mujhe mere khuda par
      Use tujhe sirf mere liye hi banaya hai

      किसी साथ में वो साथ नहीं
      जो साथ में तेरे साथ पाया है
      यकीन है मुझे मेरे खुदा पर
      उसे तुझे सिर्फ मेरे लिए ही बनाया है

      *Hwa ki tarha aa kar mujhe tum chu jau
      Khushboo ban mere seene me tum utar jau
      Mujhe na ho apni saanso ki bhi jarurat
      Aao or itni meri jarurat tum ban tum jau

      हवा की तरह आ कर मुझे तुम छू जाऊ
      खुशबू बन मेरे सीने में तुम उतर जाऊ
      मुझे ना हो अपनी साँसों की भी जरुरत
      आओ और इतनी मेरी जरुरत तुम बन तुम जाऊ 

      *Dooriyo ki na aap parwaah kiya keejiye,
      Dil jab bhi pukaare bula leejiye,
      Hum door jyada nahi aapse,
      Bas apni palko se palko ko mila liya keejiye.

      दूरियों की ना आप परवाह किया कीजिये
      दिल जब बी पुकारे बुला लीजिये
      हम दूर  ज्यादा नहीं आपसे
      बस अपनी पलकों से पलकों को मिला लिया कीजिए

      *Tohafa kya aaj tumhe main du,
      Bachi chand khushiya bhi tumpe apni waar du,
      Maangi thi jo us khuda se tumhaare liye,
      Un sabhi duaao ka tujhe main upahaar du

      तोहफा क्या आज तुम्हे मैं दू
      बची चाँद खुशियाँ नहीं तुमपे अपनी वार दू
      मांगी थि जो खुदा से तुम्हारे लिए
      उन सभी सुआओ का तुझे मैं उपहार दू

      *Ae Khuda Apne Chand Pe Itna Gurur Na Kar,
      Ek Chand Se ladki  Humare pass bhi Hai,
      Jab Tariff Hoti Hai Tere Chand Ki,
      Log Misal hamare rishte Ki Dete Hai

      ऐ खुदा अपने चाँद पे इतना गरूर ना कर
      एक चाँद सी लड़की हमारे पास भी है
      जब तारीफ़ होती है तेरे चाँद की
      लोग मिसाल हमारे रिश्ते की देते है

      *Har phul khushbudar nahi hota,
      Har pathar chamakdar nahi hota,
      rishte soch kar banate hai hum
      kyuki rishte banana koi taash ka khel nahi hota

      हर फूल खुशबूदार नहीं होता
      हर पत्थर चमकदार नहीं होता
      रिश्ते सोच कर बनाते है हम
      क्युकी रिश्ते बनाना कोई ताश का खेल नहीं होता

      *Kyon mujhe tu baar-baar yaad aata hai,
      Kyon pal do pal ko mujhe mahka jata hai,
      Naraajgi tumhaari baar-baar aane se nahi,
      Balki tumhaare baar-baar jaane se hai

      क्यों मुझे तू बार-बार याद आता है
      क्यों पल दो पल को मुझे महका जाता है
      नाराजगी तुम्हारे बार-बार आने से नहीं
      बल्कि तुम्हारे बार-बार जाने से है

      romantic sms in hindi

      *Gila hame unse nahi gila un dooriyo se karte hai,
      Ham unse door hi sahi,
      Par pyaar to hum unki,
      Dooriyo se bhi karte hai

      गिला हमें उनसे नहीं गिला उन दूरियों से करते है
      हम उनसे दूर ही सही
      पर प्यार तो हम उनकी
      दूरियों से भी करते है

      *Poocho na us kaagaj se,
      Jis pe hum dil me beeti likhate hai,
      Tanhaaiyo me beeti baate tamaam likhate hai,
      Wo kalam bhi deewaani ho gayi,
      jisse hum aapka naam likhte hai

      पूछो ना उस कागज से
      जिस पे हम दिल में बीती बाते तमाम लिखते है
      वो कलम भी दीवानगी हो गयी
      जिससे हम आकपा नाम लिखते है

      *Najro Ko Najro Ki Kami Nahi Hoti,
      Phulo Ko Baharo Ki Kami Nahi Hoti,
      Phir Kyu Hume Yaad Karoge Aap,
      Aap To Chand Ho Or Chand Ko Sitaro Ki Kami Nahi Hoti

      नजरों को नजरों की कमी नहीं होती
      फूलो को बहारों की कमी नहीं होती
      फिर क्यों हमे याद करोगे आप
      आप तो चाँद हो और चाँद को सितारों की कमी नहीं होती

      *Dil me Tum
      Dhadkan me Tum
      Aankhon me Tum
      Saanson me Tum
      Jahan b dekhu
      Bus Tum hi Tum
      Detol wali Aunty sach kehti hain
      Jaraseem har jaga hote hain

      दिल में तुम
      धड़कन में तुम
      आँखों में तुम
      साँसों में तुम
      जहाँ बी देखु
      बस तुम ही तुम
      डेटोल वाली आंटी  सच केहती हैं
      जरासीम हर जगा होते हैं

      *Rishte sache ho to waqt ruk jata hai,
      Aasman laakh ucha ho magar jhuk jata hai.
      rishton mein duniya lakh baney rukavat,
      Agar rishta sach ho toh khuda bhi jhuk jata hai.

      रिश्ते सच्ची हो तो वक़्त रुक जाता है
      आसमान लाख उचा हो मगर झुक जाता है
      रिश्तों में दुनिया लाख बने रूकावट
      अगर रिश्ता सच हो तोह खुदा भी झुक जाता है

      *Apko dekhkar ye nigah jhuk jayegi
      khamoshi har bat keh jayegi.
      pad lena in ankhon mei apne pyar ko
      apki kasam sari kaynaat wahi ruk jaegi.

      आपको देखकर ये निगाह झुक जाएगी
      ख़ामोशी हर बात केह जायेगी
      पढ़ लेना इन आँखों में अपने प्यार को
      आपकी कसम सारी कायनात वही रुक जाएगी

      *Zindagi mein aapki aehmiyat bata nahi sakte
      Dil mein aapki jagah dikha nahi sakte...
      Kuch rishte anmol hote hai...
      Is se jyada apko samjhaa nahi sakte

      ज़िन्दगी में आपकी एहमियत नहीं सकते
      दिल में आपकी जगह दिखा नहीं सकते
      कुछ रिश्ते अनमोल होते है
      इस से ज्यादा आपको समझो नहीं सकते

      *Jaati nahi ankhon se surat teri
      Na jaati hai dil se mohabbat teri
      Tere jaane ke baat hota hai mehsus yun
      Hame aur bhi jayada hai jarurat teri

      जाती नहीं आँखों से सूरत तेरी
      ना जाती है दिल से मोहब्बत तेरी
      तेरे जाने के बात होता है मेहसूस यूं
      हमें और भी जयादा है जरुरत तेरी

      *Woh payar jo haqikat mein pyaar hota hai,
      Zindagi mein sirf ek baar hota hai,
      Nigahon ke milte milte dil mil jayein,
      Aisa Ittefaq sirf ek baar hota hai
      hindi sms in hindi
      वोह प्यार जो हक़ीक़त में प्यार होता है
      ज़िन्दगी में सिर्फ एक बार होता है
      निग़ाहों के मिलते मिलते दिल मिल जायें
      ऐसा इत्तफ़ाक़ सिर्फ एक बार होता है

      *Dukh mein khushi ki vajeh banti hai mohabatein,
      Dardo mein yaadon ki vajah banti hai mohabatein
      Jaba kuch bhi acha nahi lagtaa hame duniyaa mein
      Tab hamare jeene ki vajah banti hai Mohabatein

      दुख में खुशी की वजेह बनती है मोहब्बतें
      दर्दों में यादों की वजह बनती है मोहबतें
      जबा कुछ भी अच्छा नहीं लगता हमें दुनिया में
      तब हमारे जीने की वजह बनती है मोहबतें

      Mera harr pal aj bahut khubsurat hein,
      Dil me jo sirf teri hi teri surat hein,
      Kuch vi kahe ye duniya gum nahi hai
      Dooniyaa se jyada hamein tere jarrurat hai

      मेरा हर पल आज बहुत खूबसूरत है
      दिल में जो सिर्फ तेरी ही तेरी सूरत में
      कुछ वि कहे ये दुनिया गम नहीं है
      दुनिया से ज्यादा हमें तेरे जरुरत है

      *Jab se pyar hua tumse ek baat humne jaani hai,
      Tanha kate zindgani ye bhi koi kahani hai,
      Saath jo ho tera to tod laaye taare bhi,
      Aur sath tu nahi ye bhi koi zindagani hai

      जब से प्यार हुआ तुमसे एक बात हमने जानी है
      तनहा कटे ज़िन्दगी ये भी कहानी है
      साथ जो हो तेरा तो तोड़ लाये तारे भी
      और साथ तू नहीं ये भी कोई ज़िंदगानी है

      *Muskurati ratein ye zindagi tumhari,
      Ye dua hai har pal khuda se hamari,
      Phulon  se saji ho hr raah tumhari,
      Jis se mehke har subah aur shaam tumhari

      मुस्कुराती रातें ये ज़िन्दगी तुम्हारी
      ये दुआ है पल खुदा से हमारी
      फूलों से सजी हो हर राह तुम्हारी
      जिस से महके हर सुबह और शाम तुम्हारी

      *Bhul jane ka Honsla na tha na hoga,
      Door rehkar bhi ye dil usse juda na hai na hoga,
      Usse Milkar kisi or se kya Milna,
      Koi uske jaisa na tha na hai or na hoga.

      भूल जाने का होंसला न था ना होगा
      दूर रहकर भी ये दिल उससे जुदा ना है ना होगा
      उसे मिलकर किसी और से क्या मिलना
      कोई उसके जैसे ना था ना है और ना होगा

      *Hotto Pe Na Kabhi Koi Shikwa Chahiye,
      Bus Nigah-e-Karam Or Dua Chahiye,
      Chand Taro Ki Tamannah Mujhko Nahi,
      Aap Salamat Raho mujhe Or Kya Chahiye

      होटों पे ना कभी कोई शिकवा चाहिए
      बस निगाह इ करम और दुआ चाहिए
      चाँद तारो की तमनाह मुझको नहीं
      आप सलामत रहो मुझे और क्या चाहिए

      *Jo Bhi Milti Hai Bewafa Milti Hai.
      Jab Bhi Milti Hai Bewafa Milti Hai.
      Wo Duniya Me Bhut Kam Log Hai Yaaro.
      Jinko Wafa K Badle Wafa Milti Hai

      जो भी मिलती है बेवफा मिलती है
      जब भी मिलती है बेवफा मिलती है
      वो दुनिया में भोत कम है यारो
      जिनको वफ़ा क बदले वफ़ा मिलती है

      romantic msg in hindi
      romantic msg in hindi

      *Thaam Ke Haath Tera Main Izhaar Karta Hoon
      Apni Jaan Se Bhi jyada Tujh Se Pyar Karta Hoon
      Kar Ke Saari Khushiyan Naam Tere
      Aaj Tujhse Iqraar Karta Hoon
      Naa Samajhna Bas Deewana Mujhe
      Apni Zindagi Se Zyada Tujhse Pyar Karta Hoon

      थाम के दिल तेरा मैं इज़हार करता हूँ
      अपनी जान  भी ज़्यादा  तुझ से प्यार
      कर के सारी  खुशियां नाम तेरे
      आज तुझसे इक़रार करता हूँ
      ना समझना बस दीवाना मुझे
      अपनी ज़िन्दगी से ज़्यादा तुझसे प्यार करता हूँ

      *Najron ko chhipa ke rakhna,
      Kaatil hai teri nazar.
      Ek ko to maar diya tumne
      Karogi kitnon ko ghayal
      Ghayal karaana Ankhon ki adat nahi hoti hai,
      Ghayal hone walon ki Neeyat kharab hoti hai

      नजरूं को छिपा के रखना
      कातिल है तेरी नज़र
      एक को तो मार दिया तुम्हने
      करोगी कितनो को घायल
      घायल कराना आंखों की आदत नहीं होती है
      घायल होने वालों की नीयत खराब होती है

      *Aaj har Rishta bazaar me bikta hai
      Dil se kisi ke dil me kaun tikta hai,
      Lekin hamare Dil me sirf Aap rehte ho
      kyuki Aap Me hame RAB Dikhta hai.

      आज हर रिश्ता बाजार में बिकता है
      दिल से किसी के दिल में कौंन टिकता है
      लेकिन हमारे दिल में सिर्फ आप रहते हो
      क्युकी आप में हमें रब दीखता है

      love shayari in hindi

      *Rone de aaj humko tu aankhe sujne de
      baho me lele or khudko bheeg jaane de
      hai jo seene mein kaid vo chutt jayega
      hai itna dard ke tera daman bheeg jayega

      रोने दे आज हमको तू आँखे सूजने दे
      बाहों में लेले और खुदको भीग जाने दे
      है जो सीने में कैद दरिया वो छूट जायेगा
      है इतना दर्द के तेरा दमन भीग जायेगा

      *shaq me ji gaya koi
      Ishq me mar gaya koi
      Ishq aag ka dariya tha fir bhi utar gaya koi
      Ishq me zakhmo ka kissa purana hai
      Zakhm kar gaya koi zakhm bhar gaya koi

      शक में जी गया कोई
      इश्क़ में मर गया कोई
      इश्क़ आग का दरिया था फिर भी उतर गया कोई
      इश्क़ में ज़ख्मो का किस्सा पुराना है
      ज़ख्म कर गया कोई ज़ख्म भर गया कोई

      best romantic shayari in hindi

      best romantic shayari in hindi

      *Dil Chori Sadda Hoo Gaya Naino
      Me Kisi Ke Khoo Gaya
      O Madam Teri Chaal Tere Silky Silky Baal
      Abb Main Iss Se Zayada Kyaa Kahoon
      Main Nashe Me Talli Hoo Gaya ,
      Oye, Kii Kariye Ki Kariye

      दिल चोरी साडा होगया नैनो
      में किसी के खो गया
      ओ मैडम तेरी चाल तेरे सिल्की सिल्की बाल
      अब में इस से ज़्यादा क्या कहूँ
      में नशे में टल्ली होगया हो गया
      ओए की करिये की करिये

      *Jaati nahi ankhon se surat teri
      Na jaati hai dil se mohabbat teri
      Tere jaane ke baat hota hai mehsush yun
      Hame aur bhi jayada hai jarurat teri

      जाती नहीं आँखों से सूरत तेरी
      ना जाती है दिल से मोहब्बत तेरी
      तेरे जाने के बाद होता है महसूस यूँ
      हमें और भी ज्यादा है जरुरत तेरी

      *Dil mera uchalkar kood raha hai
      teri taraf bata main kya karun,
      dekhne ki tumhe lat si lag gayi hai
      janeman bata main kya karun kya karun
      hindi sms in hindi
      दिल मेरा उछलकर कूद रहा है
      तेरी तरफ बता में  करुँ
      देखने की तुम्हे लत सी लग गयी है
      जानेमन बता मैं क्या करूँ क्या करूँ

      *Pehli nazar main kaisa jadu kar diya
      Tera maan betha hain mera jiya.
      Jane kya hoga, kya hoga kya pata,
      Es pal ko milke aah gi le jara.
      Main hoon yeha,to hainyeha,
      Meri baho mein aah bhool ja,
      o jaane ja do no jahan meri bhool jaa

      पेहली नज़र मैं जादू कर दिया
      तेरा मान बैठा हैं मेरा जिया
      जाने क्या होगा, क्या होगा क्या जिया
      इस पल को मिलके आ जी ले जरा
      मेरी बहो मैं आह भूल जा
      ओ जाने जा दो ना जहाँ मेरी भूल

      *Jab kabi bin mange ap per khushio ki barasat ho
      Jab kabi ap ka dil anjani khushi se betab ho
      to samaj lena koi apko dua mai yaad kar raha hai

      जब कवी बिन माँगा आप पैर खुशिओ की बरसात हो
      जब कवी आप का दिल अनजानी ख़ुशी  हो
      तो समज लेना कोई आपको दुआ मै याद कर रहा है

      *Badalna nasha hai tumko mausam ki tarah
      Har ek roop main tera intezar karte hain
      Na tum samet sakogi jise qayamat tak
      Kasam tumhari tumhe itna pyar karte hain

      बदलना नशा है तुमको मौसम की तरह
      हर एक रूप में तेरा इंतज़ार करते हैं
      ना तुम सम्मत सकोजी जिसे क़यामत तक
      कसम तुम्हारी तुम्हे इतना प्यार करते हैं

      *Kuch itna karte hai pyar tumhe,
      Ki dhondti hai meri nazaren bas tumhe,
      Kyo kehte ho ki bas hum hi bat maante hai tumhari
      Tum bhi to chale aate ho jab pukarte hai hum tumhe

      कुछ इतना करते है प्यार तुम्हे
      की ढूंढ़ती है मेरी नज़्ज़रे बस तुम्हे
      क्यों कहते हो की बस हम ही बात मानते है तुम्हारी
      तुम भी तो चले आते हो जब पुकारते हे हम तुम्हे

      *Apne Aasman se Meri  Zameen Dekh lo,
      Tum Khwab  aaj koi Haseen Dekh lo,
      Agar aazmana hai Aitbar ko Mere to,
      Ek Juth Tum Bolo aur Mera Yakeen Dekh lo

      अपने आसमान से मेरी ज़मीन देख लो
      तुम ख्वाब आज कोई हसींन देख लो
      अगर आज़मांना है ऐतबार को मेरे तो
      एक झूठ तुम बोलो और मेरा यकीन देख लो

      shayari for girlfriend

      *Koi To Khaas Baat He Aapke Baare Me,
      Jo Hum Isse Badi Shiddat se Nibhate hai,
      Warna Hum to Un Logo me se hai,
      Jo Dusron ke Khwabon me bhi,
      Aapni Marjii se Jatey hai

      कोई तो ख़ास बात हे आपके बारे में
      जो हम इससे बड़ी शिद्दत से निभाते है
      वरना हम तो उन लोगो में से है
      जो दूसरों के ख्वाबों में भी
      अपनी मर्जी से जाते है

      sad shayari sms

      *Dard to Humne Intezaar me Dekha hai,
      Chahat ka Asaar Pyaar me Dekha hai,
      Log Dundhte hai Mandir-Masjis me Khuda ko,
      Humne Apney Pyaar me Dekha hai

      दर्द तो हमने इंतज़ार में देखा है
      चाहात का असर प्यार देखा है
      लोग ढूंढ़ते है मंदिर मस्जिद में खुदा को
      हमने अपने प्यार में देखा है

      *Ache Nishane Baaz ho Tum,
      Thik Nishane pe Tune Teer Mara,
      Duniya se Har Baaji Jitne wala,
      Aaj Tumse Aapna Dil Haraa

      अच्छे निशाने बाज़ हो तुम
      ठीक निशाने पे तूने तीर मारा
      दुनिया से हार बाजी जितने वाला
      आज तुम्हसे अपना दिल हारा

      *Rasmo Riwazo ki jo Parwah karte hai,
      Mohabbat Me Wo Log Gunah karte hai,
      Ishq to Wo Junoon he Yaaron

       रस्मों रिवाज़ो की जो परवाह करते है
      मोहब्बत में लोग गुनाह करते है
      इश्क़ तो वो जूनून है यारों

      *Meri Nazar ki TALAASH Ho Tum,
      Mene Jo Chahaa Wo Pyaar Ho Tum,
      Tu Hai To Duniya Hai Meri,
      Kaise Kahu ki Sirf Pyaar Nahi,
      Meri ‘JAAN’ Ho Tum

      मेरी नज़र की तालाश हो तुम
      मेने जो चाहा वो प्यार हो तुम
      तू है तो दुनिया है मेरी
      कैसे कहु की सिर्फ प्यार नहीं
      मेरी जान हो तुम

      *sapno ki Duniya mein Hum Khote gaye,
      Hosh mein the Fir bhi Madhosh hote gaye,
      Jane kya Jadoo tha Us Ajnabi Chahere mein,
      Khud ko bahut Roka Fir bhi Uske hote gaye

      सपनो की दुनिया में हम खोते गए
      होश में थे फिर भी मदहोश होते गए
      जाने क्या जादू था उस अजनबी चहेरे में
      खुद को बहुत रोका फिर भी उसके होते गए

      hindi shayari sms

      hindi shayari sms

      *Har khwahison ka Raaz-Dar Khuda hota hai,
      Har Kisi ka Andaz Juda hota hai,
      Chand ko to Chahne Wale to Bahut hai,
      par Ab ye Dekhna he ki Chand Kis par Fidaa hota hai

      हर ख्वाइश का राज़ दर खुदा होता है
      हर किसी  जुड़ा होता है
      चाँद को तो चाहने वाले बहुत है
       पर अब ये देखना हे की चाँद किस पर फ़िदा होता है

      *Koi teer jesa, jigar ke paar hua hain
      Jane kyu dil itna, beqaraar hua hain
      Kabhi dekha nahi maine tujhe, Fir bhi
      Kyu e Ajnabi es kadar tumse pyar hua h

      कोई तीर जैसा, जिगर के पास हुआ हैं
      जाने क्यों दिल इतना, बेक़रार हुआ हैं
      कभी देखा नहीं मैंने तुझे, फिर भी
      क्यों इ अजनबी इस कदर तुमसे प्यार हुआ

      *Aapki es dil lagi mein hum apna dil kho bethe
      Kal tak us khuda ke the aj hum apke ho bethe
      Ishq suna toh tha ki apna deewana bana leta h
      Par aj khud karke hum b apne hosh kho bethe

      आपकी इस दिललगी में अपना दिल खो बैठे
      कल तक उस खुदा के थे आज हम आपके हो बैठे
      इश्क़ सुना तोह था की अपना दीवाना बना लेता है
      पर आज खुद करके हम बी अपना होश खो बैठे

      *Tujhe palko pe bithane ko jee chahta hai
      Teri baho se lipatne ko jee chahta hai,
      Khubsurti ki intehaa hain tu,
      Tuje zindagi me basane ko jee chahta h

      तुझे पलकों पे बैठाने को जी करता है
      तेरी बहो से लिपटने को जी चाहता है
      खूबसूरती की इंतेहा हैं तू
      तुजे ज़िन्दगी में बसाने को जी करता है

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